Small Business Admin and Marketing Support Services in Cape Town

Are you seeking an effective way of running a slick business operation at the lowest possible cost? We can help you run an efficient office at a very affordable price.

Whether its composing a letter of demand for a deliquent client or constructing an email marketing campaign, these things can take a lot of time if it is not your forte, or if you don't have a member of staff  with the requisite skill. Perhaps you are searching for a graphic designer who will rebrand your existing business or create a professional image for your new venture?  If you are in the service or manufacturing domain then our agency will meet your expectations. Because these are the sectors we understand, and this is where our experience lies.

You won't have to explain yourself over and over. We'll get it first time!

We are technical specialists who have been working inside the manufacturing industry for decades.

Our familiarity with computer hardware and software, product design and manufacture, packaging, labelling, marketing and all the attendant know-how has equipped us to appreciate what technical people expect from an advisor.

We work for companies all around South Africa.

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If you can conceive your objective, we can help you execute it....


Your Corporate Branding

If you do not already have a logo that you are satisfied with or if you are re-branding your existing business, we look forward to sharing our creativity with you.
Because we understand your business, we'll work quickly and efficiently.
We'll present you with attractive options to select from.

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Your Stationery & Promo Flyers

In today's competitive environment you are judged on everything you present to your clients.
Having an eye-catching logo, attractive business cards and a compelling website should be complemented by  letter heads and promotional flyers that you are proud of.
We help with your overall design strategy so that everything fits.

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Your Website

You are serious about your business. It's time to be equally serious about your website.
You know that it is the display window through which the outside world views your product and service offerings.
An appealing well designed site will draw regular enquiries that will help expand your customer base.

Reduce your office overhead - Outsource tasks that are not core business!

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In business, there are many things that you are expected to take care of which are annoying but necessary.

This can involve something as basic as designing a purpose built spreadsheet or database to achieve specific goals within the company. If it is not something that you do regularly and you don't have a staff member who is a spreadsheet designer this can place a greater burden on your internal resources than should be necessary. Why not outsource this brief and get the job done quickly and efficiently with no stress. We produce user friendly documents which can't be accidentally damaged by hitting the wrong key at the wrong time.

Sometimes you need to acquire software to achieve specific tasks. We can help you select the right solution, often with an open-source free license that helps contribute to lower overhead.  We are experts in this field and have evaluated scores of software solutions in real world settings.

Perhaps you want to implement an email marketing campaign. Our experience here will definitely save you money. From constructing a well scripted email message to creating an attractively designed document distributed through professional bulk marketing software.
We ensure that your campaign is legitimate and that the integrity of your business name is not called into question by a less than perfect execution.   

We design catalogues and flyers for traditional print as well as online flipbooks.

We also design effective websites at low cost. Today it is important to have a site that works well on mobile devices. Increasingly people are doing their searches on tablets and mobiles because these devices are always close to hand. When a query occurs to them they may not be near their desk, but need an answer right away. Our layouts scale smartly across devices.

What about being at the top of the first page of Google Search? Many consultants will tell you that they will achieve this for you. But we prefer to be honest. It depends on your business. If you have a unique product then that is certainly achievable. But few businesses are fortunate enough to be in that position, the majority are not. If you are in a hotly contested business with hundreds of competitors, it will require more creativity and a bigger budget to get noticed. Fortunately, there are options that we can bring into play to assist in containing these costs. 

In this modern connected world it is much easier to outsource work which you would prefer not to do. At SpectraPage we offer a range of services from basic admin to assisting with your promotional activities.

The work we do for you will be handled with the highest degree of confidentiallity. Our agreement with you will entrench this aspect.
Our goal is to develop a trusted relationship with you where you gain confidence that we truly understand your business requirements.

At all times we are a phone call, an email, or a WhatsApp away and a Zoom call brings us to your office, just like your own staff.

Call us today! Let's have a chat about what we can do for you. There's no obligation.