Graphic Designers and Website Developers in Cape Town

Are you investigating the best way to get a modern attractive website for your business on an affordable budget?

Perhaps you are searching for a graphic designer who will rebrand your existing business or create a professional image for your new venture?  If you are in the manufacturing, engineering or metal finishing sector then our agency will meet your expectations. Because this is the sector we understand, and this is where our experience lies.

You won't have to explain your self over and over. We'll get it first time!
We are technical specialists who have been working inside the manufacturing industry for decades.

Our familiarity with computer hardware and software, product design and manufacture, packaging, labelling, marketing and all the attendant know-how has equipped us to appreciate what technical people expect from a designer.

We work for companies all around South Africa.

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If you can dream your website design, we can produce it....

Your Corporate Branding

If you do not already have a logo that you are satisfied with or if you are re-branding your existing business, we look forward to sharing our creativity with you.
Because we understand your business, we'll work quickly and efficiently.
We'll present you with attractive options to select from.

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Your Stationery & Promo Flyers

In today's competitive environment you are judged on everything you present to your clients.
Having an eye-catching logo, attractive business cards and a compelling website should be complemented by  letter heads and promotional flyers that you are proud of.
We help with your overall design strategy so that everything fits.

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Your Website

You are serious about your business. It's time to be equally serious about your website.
You know that it is the display window through which the outside world views your product and service offerings.
An appealing well designed site will draw regular enquiries that will help expand your customer base.

How can we help you with your company image and branding design needs?

Call us! Let's chat.
A Google search for website designers will bring up hundreds of millions of results. Narrow the search down to South Africa, and you will still get nearly fifty million results. If you search for website design software you're looking at results numbering in the billions. One might say that we are rather spoiled for choice.

However, it is hardly surprising considering that according to there are over 1.6 trillion live sites operating right now. This is a dynamic situation with new websites being created everyday, and others being removed or becoming dormant as companies close down or merge with others.
This brings us to the most important observation - with all of that competition how do you get your site noticed? It's fine if you are in a unique situation where only you have a product that everybody would like to have, and whilst a handful of persons may be fortunate enough to be in that position, the majority of businesses are not.

The trick is to stand out from the crowd, and that has not only got to do with attractive design. It is about Search Engine Optimisation [SEO] which is the big buzzword in web developer circles. Type SEO into Google, and you'll find close to 700 million results. It stands to reason - everybody want to be at the top of the first page of Google results that comes up.

At SpectraPage we start off by delivering an attractive website that meets all the technical requirements.

But that is only the beginning. We work closely with you to edge your site up the rankings, making adjustments to the copy and observing improvements on the hop.
We'll show you things that you can do to help such as liaising with your satisfied clients to provide back links from their sites, and many other useful tips.

Call us today! Let's have a chat about what we can do for you. There's no obligation.
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